simple brown cup

simple brown cup

Simple pleasures start with Coffee & Bread.

Breakfast, sandwiches, coffee and drinks are available from Wed—Sun 930am—4pm via walk-ins, grabfood or foodpanda.

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Collection at 183 Jalan Pelikat #B1-05 Singapore 537643 (Kovan)



Gifting Collection

  • Simple Cookies

    Simple Cookies   

    Signature melt-in-your mouth butter cookies with Korean soybean paste. Contain egg, dairy, soy.

  • Tomato Crackers

    Tomato Crackers Unavailable 

    Sugar-free sourdough crackers with the taste of tomato salsa! Contain dairy.

  • Gochujang Pepper Sticks

    Gochujang Pepper Sticks Unavailable 

    Sugar-free sourdough wholewheat mix crackers with mild peppery taste. Contain dairy.

  • Customised Gift Boxes

    Customised Gift Boxes  

    Contact us for customisation of your Wedding favours, Event door gifts, Baby shower gifts, or Corporate (with minimum order/boxes).

All Day Menu

  • Breakfast Deluxe  

    (~10mins wait) Fluffy baked sourdough pancakes, frittata egg, honey-baked hams, brioche toast. Served with honey & seasonal cream cheese.

  • Royal Pancakes  

    (~10mins wait) Baked to order, fluffy sourdough pancakes. Served with fresh fruit, honey & seasonal cream cheese.

  • Cheesy BBQ Sandwich

    Cheesy BBQ Sandwich  

    (Limited time) Edam & gouda cheese, house-made BBQ sauce, halal chicken meatloaf, chicken floss; on sourdough.

  • Gilgeori (Korean Street Toast) Sandwich

    Gilgeori (Korean Street Toast) Sandwich  

    (Sweet & savoury) Frittata egg with shredded cheese and carrots, halal chicken ham, edam cheese, strawberry jam; on sourdough.

  • Frittata Meatloaf Sandwich

    Frittata Meatloaf Sandwich  

    (Breakfast's choice!) Frittata with shredded cheese, halal chicken meatloaf, yakinori seaweed; on sourdough.

  • Summer Sandwich

    Summer Sandwich  

    (Signature) Halal chicken ham, edam cheese, house-made sweet pickles, veggies, tropical marmalade; on sourdough.

  • Sweet Kim-Cheeze Sandwich

    Sweet Kim-Cheeze Sandwich  

    (Flavourful) House-made sweet kimchi with cabbage, carrot, radish, spring onion between gouda and cheddar cheese; on sourdough.

  • Egg-Shroom Sandwich

    Egg-Shroom Sandwich  

    Sourdough brioche sandwich, hard boiled egg, roasted shiitake mushroom & seasonal fruit dressing.

  • Weekend-Special Sandwich  

    Check our Instagram stories every Sat/Sun!

Toast & Buns

  • Brioche Bun  

    Subtle sweet and fluffy French sourdough bread. Seasonal flavours!

  • Bread bag  

    3 sourdough bread slices of your choice, served with house-made marmalade and smoked salt butter.

Sourdough Pre-order

  • Triple Choco Flower Bread

    Triple Choco Flower Bread  

    Subtle sweet sourdough buns with rich chocolate flavours; melted chocolate, cocoa powder & 72% dark chocolate chips. Contain dairy. Serve 7 buns.

  • Sweet Potato Flower Bread

    Sweet Potato Flower Bread  

    (Seasonal) Subtle sweet sourdough buns with 50% honey sweet potato mash and chopped red dates. Vegan. Serve 7 buns.

  • Japanese Curry Bread

    Japanese Curry Bread Unavailable 

    Flavoured with house-made sweet curry powder. Drumstick-shaped buns with oven-roasted potatoes, carrots and onions. Vegan. Serve 7 buns.

  • Simple Sourdough Soft Loaf

    Simple Sourdough Soft Loaf   

    Chewy yet soft, low GI and better digestion. Vegan.

  • Sourdough Brioche Loaf  

    Subtle sweet & fluffy French bread. So good on its own. Contain egg & dairy.

  • Wholewheat Sourdough Soft Loaf   

    Better carbs! Nutritious with wheat bran, wholewheat & bread flour. Vegan. Serve 10-12 slices.

  • Tangy Wholewheat Sourdough Soft Loaf   

    Better carbs! Nutritious with more wheat bran, wholewheat & bread flour. Vegan. Serve 10-12 slices.

Pastries Pre-order

  • Madeleines


    Buttery fluffiness with a signature hump. Our choice of snack to pair with coffee! Contain egg & dairy.

  • Banana Pecan Crumble Cake Loaf  

    Our signature banana cake with honey pecan crumble. Contain nuts, egg, dairy. Serve 400g, 4-6 slices.

  • Simple Banana Cake Loaf (800g)  

    Dense and yummy with 100% real bananas. Contain egg & dairy.

  • Old-fashioned Butter Cake Loaf (800g)  

    Buttery richness with reduced sugar. Contain egg & dairy.

Cold Brew Pre-order

  • Cold Brew—Classic Black

    Cold Brew—Classic Black  

    Steeped for 18 hours with Peru, Brazil & Honduras blend. Enjoy it chilled or over ice.
    Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, fruity caramel notes.

  • Cold Brew—Classic White

    Cold Brew—Classic White  

    Our cold brew (Peru, Brazil & Honduras blend) with fresh milk.
    Tasting notes: Creamy, dark chocolate, fruity caramel notes.

  • Cold Brew—Oat White

    Cold Brew—Oat White  

    Our cold brew (Peru, Brazil & Honduras blend) with oat milk.
    Tasting notes: Creamier, dark chocolate, fruity caramel notes.

Coffee (All Day Menu)

  • Espresso (Double)  

  • Americano  

    A black classic house-brew freshly grounded with Brazil and Guatemala blend.

  • Cappuccino  

    Classic Italian style with freshly grounded espresso, steam milk and foam.

  • Latte  

    Classic freshly grounded espresso topped with steam milk.

  • Vanilla Latte  

    Aromatic and delicate vanilla latte.

  • Osmanthus Latte  

    Oriental floral twist in your daily cuppa!

  • Macadamia Latte  

    Nutty and buttery in your classic latte!

  • Roasted Hazel Latte  

    For the love of nutty!

  • Mocha  

    (Best-seller) Creamy dark chocolate with the aroma of freshly grounded coffee!

Other Beverages (All Day Menu)

  • Green Apple Mojito Soda (Iced)  

    Non-alcoholic rendition of flavoured mojito! Must try!!

  • Summer Crush Soda (Iced)  

    (Best seller) Thirst quencher for humid summer days. Refreshing cantaloupe melon with crisp apple.

  • Tango Citrus Melody (Iced)  

    Crisp soda with Tangerine and Melon. A definition of refreshing!

  • Simple Tea (Iced)  

    English breakfast tea.

  • Tangerine Tea  

    Fragrant citrusy tangerine with aromatic English breakfast tea.

  • Melon Tea (Iced)  

    Refreshing and fruity cantaloupe melon with iced English breakfast tea!

  • Green Apple Tea (Iced)  

    Refreshing and crisp green apple with black tea.

  • Osmanthus Tea (Iced)  

    Classic oriental floral tea.

  • Clipper Tea Bag (Hot)  

    Serving The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

  • Lemongrass & Ginger (Hot)  

    Serving Mad Hatter Tea Co. With coarsely cut organic lemongrass and ginger root, this tea is packed full of zest and spice that only leave you wanting more!

  • Kombucha (Seasonal)  

    We surprise you with fruit!

  • Chocolate  

    (Best seller) Creamy dark chocolate for the sweet tooth.

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